I Cook You Serve have numerous of measures to ensure we are working to the highest standards of food safety and the safety of our clients. Many of the COVID 19 measures required were ones we already had in place, such as our online ordering and doorstep delivery.

A lot of the advice provided was around hygiene and naturally, as a catering company, we already have the highest hygiene and food safety measures in place.

Fill Your Fridge evening meals.
Our menus are accessible online and all orders are placed through our website. This supports you with contactless ordering and payments. Because the virus is not transmitted through food, the new and important procedure is to wipe the foil trays, that your meals are served in, with antiviral spray before they are placed in your paper bag. This is the last contact we have with your containers.
Our deliveries are on a Monday and have always had a strict doorstep policy for our safety. This has now changed to a distanced doorstep policy. We will place you bagged meals outside your door, knock or press the bell and step away. Allowing you to safely open your door and collect your meals. When Shannon completes your delivery she will have gloves on, an antibacterial wipe and a mask. This is to avoid any cross-contamination when knocking on the door.

We remain grateful that we are still open, able to work and to all our clients and those that have supported our business. From Facebook likes and comments to orders, we are truly appreciative. But we recognise that others are significantly less fortunate. We therefore have a Pay It Forward opportunity where you can donate to a local Northampton food bank. Currently this can only be completed alongside your order.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about our Fill Your Fridge COVID measurements (or our other services) please send us an email > hello@icookyouserve.co.uk

If you would like to receive our weekly Fill Your Fridge menu, please sign up to our newsletter > https://share.hsforms.com/1Pia-nXcESyKWjdhfkMAVtg4gd4e

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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