One of the joys of June and July and a jewel in the veg plot, the love apple, the tomato.  When you eat them at the height of the season they absolutely shine.  While available all year the UK season runs from June to October if you are considering food miles.

Recipe Ideas

  • Tomato soup is the classic all year-round winter warmer or light summer lunch here’s a great recipe start with fry light sauté chopped onion, celery, add chopped tomatoes 400g, vegetable stock 750ml, white pepper, for 20 minutes taste test and add a teaspoon of horse radish and double cream 100ml.  If you’re feeling a little indulgent, and excellent twist on regular dippy bread would be to make a sourdough cheddar cheese and marmite sandwich, with butter on the outside of the sandwich.  Fry in oil till golden brown then remove drain in some kitchen towel and slice.
  • You can eat them raw straight off the stalk without doubt the most nutritious way to enjoy them.
  • As an ingredient in a salad, stir fry, smoothy,
  • My favourite is to roast cherry tomatoes in olive oil and garlic for about 25 mins in a pre-heated oven.  Stunning. You can slice them or leave them whole, but they should come with a warning.  Caution flavour bomb will explode inside your mouth and blow your mind. Can be eaten hot or cold.  Served as a topping for just about any type of protein and you can customise with herbs to suit the dish basil is my favourite, bay leaves work will or chilli for a kick.
  • Put that jar down and sauté some onions with garlic throw those beautiful tomatoes in; whizz it down into a sauce with your favourite herb.  Perfect sauce base for pasta, use in lasagne, meatballs list is endless. Also grate some veggies in, smile while that pile of courgettes or cauliflower are being devoured by those who insist they can’t stand them!
  • There is a simple tapas recipe called pan con tomate. Start with a nice bread such as a ciabatta loaf. Halve it and toast in the oven until lightly browned and crisp. While the bread is toasting, halve your tomatoes. Use a box grater to grate the tomato pulp in a bowl, discarding the tomato skin. When the bread is done, spread on a layer of tomato, sprinkle with salt, and drizzle over a healthy glug of olive oil.
  • I haven’t tried this but, put together any type of stuffing, perhaps minced pork with breadcrumbs and sage or a risotto mix for example.  Take a tomato, cut the top off put to one side, hollow out the middle and stuff with your mix pop the tomato lid back on and cook a baking tray and cook for 25 mins or till the stuffing is cooked.  Super for a light meal for smaller appetites or happy addition to a main meal.


Per 100 gram: 1.3 fibre 18 calories 0.7 protein 3.1 carbs 2.6 total sugars 0.3 fat


A K C B6 B complex, Lycopene,


Manganese, Potassium, Molybdenum.

Health benefits

Eye, bone heart fluid balance, blood pressure control and diabetes management.

Tomato are full of antioxidants great for your immune system along with complimenting other foods and their nutritional benefits.

Stop next time you are in the grocers or supermarket and appreciate the value these ruby red love apples have.

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