Selection of evening meals

Our clients have a young family, runs a household and a very successful business. From after school clubs throughout the evening to sending invoices, this client is spinning a lot of plates and we have the pleasure of supporting her with putting dinner on the table. For this client, nutritious meals and getting dinner quickly prepared, to the oven, to the table and to tummies is very important. Looking after her family with good quality nutritious food is something incredibly important to her but time is also a very big factor.

For this client, her business worked throughout lockdown and as lockdown began to lift, she found she was busier than ever. “I was cutting corners when it came to meals – I try to plan in advance so I can prepare meals in the morning, so they are ready quickly for when the hungry children are home from school, what was happening however, was more processed, quick and easy meals were being dished up and we increased our takeaways for ease.”
She quickly became more and more conscious that there were less vegetables and homemade meals on the table than she’d like. “Thankfully, I Cook You Serve came to the rescue! It was a no brainer for me, they offered healthy meals, ready cooked. No shopping or chopping!”

When this client approached us to find out more information about our evening meals service, we had a brief discussion over messenger, taking the time to answer and questions she had. We then signed her up to our weekly newsletter to ensure she received the Fill Your Fridge menus weekly and easily without having to search for them. We asked if she had any dietary requirements or allergies and found that her and her young family had none. When this client places an order with us, we immediately sent her an email confirming her order had been placed. On the day of delivery, we sent another email to confirm her evening meals were to be delivered that evening. This client is incredibly busy and a gentle reminder that we would be delivering her meals is very much appreciated – it’s one less thing she needs to remember.
We also send a message when we’re on our way.

The whole process of ordering to eating is so simple.
“I order my meals ready for delivery on the following Monday evening, I received a quick message when the delivery was due and Shannon delivers our dinners, carefully portioned and ready to reheat – and no plastic bags! My husband was slightly apprehensive about the portion sizes, but he agreed after eating a meal that it was just right!”
She later told us about the relief she feels when we deliver, she had already saved time by not having to shop for the food and is now saving time throughout the week by not having to prepare the evening meals for her family every evening.

‘‘I chose a few meals which not only provided my family with delicious and nutritious meals, but it’s also freed up some time for me to plan and prep for the following week. I’ve already sampled their buffet service with work as well, and I know both Liz and Shannon are well educated when it comes to nutrition, this instantly gave me confidence that the meals I’d chosen would not only be delicious, but they would also be carefully considered to ensure they are healthy with fresh, wholesome ingredients.’’

This client doesn’t order from us every week because she doesn’t need to. But when she does need a selection of meals, we are here, looking forward to cooking for her and her family. We provide a service which meets our individual client’s needs, without any strict tie ins or restrictions on what they order. This client needs a service that will fit in with her family, house, and business, to ease the time pressures that she has and not make her feel bad for having them. It is a pleasure to prepare and deliver evening meals to this client and know we are making such a big difference.

‘’Personally, I would recommend the fill your fridge service to busy parents like me who just want a break from the cooking now and then, knowing you’re getting good, homemade food – a bit like when you pop back to your parents and your mum cooks you a lovely dinner, without expecting you to wash up after! That’s what Liz and Shannon offer!’’

A huge thank you to this client for allowing us to put this together. If the above resonates with you and your family or someone you know in a similar situation, please get in touch for more information about our evening meals service. Our meals support different families in different ways, but the most important factors are always that they’re eating well.
You can email us on or find us on your favourite social media platform.

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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