Evening Meal Subscription

Peace of mind – with our evening meals subscription service

We get it! Life gets busy. Finding the time to plan, shop for and cook nutritious meals take a lot of time and effort!

Here’s a way for you to enjoy evening meals again, completely stress-free – over evening meal subscription service.

Those hours of wasted time fretting over what to have for dinner are over.

All you have to do is
– Browse our varied weekly menu
– Place your order
– Job done!

Relax in the knowledge that our Fill Your Fridge service will deliver nutritious food, ready to pop in the oven and enjoy.

Only the very best fresh ingredients
You want great food. We’ll give you great food. We do this by preparing fabulous meals using only the very best fresh ingredients. All you do is store your meals in the fridge or freezer to fit in with your weekly plans. For the best results, reheat your meal in the oven. In a hurry? Use the microwave.

As we prepare your evening meals, our priorities are your nutrition and taste buds. Nothing else matters.

We use our knowledge and expertise as Nutritional Therapists, plus
– plenty of fresh vegetables
– honest non-processed ingredients
– loads of flavour
to bring you food that tastes good and does you good.

Healthy food at healthy prices
Sign up for our subscription service and enjoy a healthy discount off your evening meals! Your subscription benefits include
– Discounts on our other services
– Special offers throughout the year
– Free giveaways

Liz will go the extra mile to make sure your subscription works best for you, for your family and your lifestyle.


Choose your subscription:

Choose an option
– 3 main meals and 1 dessert per week
– 4 main meals per week
– 6 main meals per week
– 8 main meals per week
– 10 main meals per week 


Please note deliveries are only available across NN1 – NN5 postcodes. If you wish order outside of these areas, please contact us.

Who is the subscription service for?

Do you live alone, with family or friends? Then our subscription service will help you to eat well while giving you back your time to do those things you enjoy.
Fed up with fretting over what to eat each evening?
Our meals are for you.
No more peeling, chopping, cutting, seasoning, cooking and portioning each evening. We’ve got you covered!

What does it cost?

4 main meals per week
£120.00 per month

6 main meals per week
£180.00 per month

8 main meals per week
£240.00 per month

10 main meals per week
£300.00 per month

Choose your subscription package

How will the subscription help me?

 Our subscription service ticks off so many jobs from your daily and weekly to-do list. 

Our varied menu helps you to quickly chose the meals you want.
You won’t have to pay each time you order.
Just pay your monthly subscription and you’ll have paid for your meals for the month ahead.

Choose your subscription package

How does the evening meals subscription service work? 

Step 1 - Choose your subscription package

View here the packages availabe.
Choose from 4, 6, 8, or 10 meals a week or work with us to put a package together specifically for you. When you have found the perfect package, complete your order.

(Please note the deadline for this is the last Wednesday of every month, otherwise your subscription may not be processed.)

All packages start from the first of every month

Step 2 - Reply with your order

Once you’re in, each week we will send you our Fill Your Fridge evening meals menu to you.

To place your order, simply reply to the email with the dishes that you would like. 

If you would like to order a dish/ soup/ dessert outside of your package subscription, simply add this to your email and we will send you a separate invoice to cover your extras. Any extras will be invoiced at non-subscription prices.

Once your order is received, you will get a confirmation email.

Leaving you to enjoy our weekly menus and weekly delivery and plenty of flexibility.

Step 3 - Smile, you are winning at life

We deliver across NN1 – NN5 you get your meals Monday evening each – complete with a big smile. Your meals will be ready to pop in the fridge or freezer for you to reheat and eat.

Choose your subscription:

Please note deliveries are only available across NN1 – NN5 postcodes. Please contact us if you wish to order outside of these areas.

Evening meal ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions?
Give us a call or send us a message, we’ll get back to you if we can’t pick up straight away.

When does my subscription start?

Our Fill Your Fridge evening meal subscription will start at the beginning of each month. You can subscribe at any time. Our subscription service works on a four-week month. If you process your subscription halfway through the month, your subscription will start the following month. Where there are five weeks in a month, if you have used up the meal allowance connected to your package, you will be able to order your meals by putting in your bank details at the bottom of the ordering page.

Can I change my package?

Yes! Whether you would like to add more meals or take away meals you are very welcome to change your subscription.
Just send us an email and we will adjust your package amount.
If you would like a package tailored just for you and your household, let us know and we can put that together for you also.

What happens if I don't order?

If you don’t reply with your order, we will send a prompt before the ordering closes.
If we do not receive your order, we cannot deliver your meals.
If you still have money left on your subscription at the end of the month this cannot be rolled over to the next month.

Subscription pricing

To make things easier for everyone your subscription price is put together over 48 weeks rather than 52 weeks, this takes into account the 4 weeks that I Cook You Serve is closed.
This also means that you will always pay the same amount regardless of if it is a 4-week or 5-week month.
This will help with your budgeting each month and takes away any confusion with longer months.

Can i cancel my subscription

You can leave the subscription at any time, just call Shannon on 07504 558 994 or emailing hello@icookyouserve.co.uk and we will cancel subscription. We would appreciate if you gave us a months notice but there is no cancellation policy.

What happens when I Cook You Serve is closed?

I Cook You Serve closes for one week in April and one week in August.
We then close for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.

Specific dates will be shared with our customers as soon as we know.

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