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”When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a taller fence.”

One way to help is to give.
One way to give is to share what you have.
We call it…

Small Acts Of Kindness
Your chance to help a Northampton neighbour by giving the gift of a tasty, nutritious meal.

aMany of us are only ever a payday away from hard times. Unexpected costs arise that put pressure on our finances, and we look for ways to save money. Food is one of the first things we turn to. For some of us, that may mean cutting back on eating – not too much of a hardship, surely?

The harsh realities of food poverty

But couple those hard times with more significant life events, such as ill-health, bereavement, redundancy, relationship breakdown or even homelessness. For more people that we realise, the road gets rough.

If we’re one of the lucky ones, we never experience hardship to this level, but the harsh truth is that more people in Northampton are suffering from food poverty every day.

 Your Small Act of Kindness – a tasty, nutritious meal

We all have the right to eat well. Food poverty and insecurity are threatening that common right. Small Acts of Kindness is your chance to help people in Northampton who are struggling to survive with the one thing we take for granted – the gift of a tasty, nutritious meal.

With already depleted resources, food quickly becomes so low a priority it falls off the list completely. This all sounds so remote, doesn’t it? But it is sadly real and affecting more and more or us. We work directly with our local food bank to help those in need. 

Whatever is going on around us, whether it’s within our control or not, we all deserve to eat well. Food poverty and food insecurity have been very real concerns in this country for too long and sadly remains to be the case in 2024. It’s a growing concern that strikes a nerve for us. So, this is our way of contributing towards a solution and offering a little ray of sunshine for someone on an otherwise dark day.

Don’t underestimate the power of your once small act of kindness coupled with another and then another. Take a moment to imagine if you all purchased  one extra meal with every order? How incredible your act of kindness can contribute to a HUGE wave of love. A collective feast that has real power to not only feed but really fuel and nourish the body and mind. Feeding the hungry is never ever going to be a bade choice it will only ever lead to a good result.

Thank you.


Evening meal ingredients

How does it work?

As easy as 2 simple steps


Step 1 – Select a Small act of Kindness portion

From the Fill Your Fridge Menu.

This can be alongside your own order if you wish.

Single or multiple portions can be selected. 

(minimum Fill your Fridge value is £20.00)

Step 2 – A donation is placed

Each Small act of Kindness portion placed will equal a donation of £9.00 to the food bank/charity. (This is your portion price minus the deduction of payment fees.)

When in doubt be kind.

Evening meal ingredients

Fill your Fridge
Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions?
Give us a call or send us a message, we’ll get back to you if we can’t pick up straight away.

What are the Fill Your Fridge prices?

Our evening meals are £9.20 per meal,
£10.50 per soup (two pint portion) and £3.50 per dessert. 

Prices can be found here

So what if things go wrong?

Well, in the unlikely event of our being unable to meet your order, you will be reimbursed for the meals that have not been received.
We will not be held liable for any related costs due to interruption of supply. In the event of a Force Majeure, no reimbursement will be offered. We reserve the right to change the menu choices but we will keep to your food preferences in mind, should this be required.

What’s the latest I can order?
Last orders are 4pm Friday
Do you deliver?

We offer a free of charge delivery between NN1 – NN5. 

Delivery is after 2pm every Monday. We will send you a message when you are our next delivery.

Our delivery is to your doorstep.

What if I want to cancel my order?
You simply pop an email over to before Saturday 12 noon.

Isn’t it time to get your life back and start enjoying great homemade food?

Here’s our mission…

 To deliver to our customers fantastic, tasty, healthy food –
giving our customers the time to lead the life they want to live.

Find out more about the I Cook You Serve food experience.

Call – 07504 558 994
Email –

We’d love to hear from you.

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