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Change the way you think about food

Why nutritional therapy?

How do you feel about food?
What’s your relationship with it?
What are your eating habits like?

How we eat is intrinsically linked to our health. What we eat throughout the day has a direct effect on our physical and mental health. In fact, nutrition forms a foundation to our wellbeing.

But – there’s no one-size-fits- all solution.  We’re all different. Our eat habits have to adapt to suit our lifestyles. They need to be as individual as we are.  As a race, we have evolved to eat what we do and to live successfully in all environments. History shows how technology and transport have changed some cultures eating habits.

But sometimes, this vital relationship with food goes wrong. For a host of reasons, we can get into habits that go against what’s good for us.

This is where I Cook You Serve will help. We’ll support you in putting together an eating regime that’s good for your heart and for your soul.

Nutritional planning

Our nutritional plans are put together with you and your taste buds at the heart of it.

Contact to suit you

Flexible meetings and contact hours that are tailored to you.

Online questionnaires

An online and easy to answer questionnaires to keep you on track.

Evening meal ingredients

Who works with a nutritional therapist?

Do you want to improve your eating habits? You don’t go to the dentist only when you have a dental problem. You don’t only visit your optician when your eyes are failing. You go for a check-up.

It’s just the same with nutrition. Whether you’re in good health or not, it’s still worth having an appointment with a nutritional therapist.

We’ll also work with you if you have a pre-diagnosed condition. We don’t diagnose a disease or treat the causes of disease. Instead, we support your approach to nutrition to help you with your everyday symptoms.

What does a nutritional therapist do?

We look at your unique dietary needs and formulate a personalised diet plan. We help to correct nutritional defiencies and alleviate health symptoms. Working with a nutritional therapist is part of a process – it takes time and will evolve.

We support you in making those all-important nutritional changes. We help you to make them a natural part of your lifestyle. Our aim is to help you meet your goal. We ensure you can easily incorporate good eating habits to give your body the best foundation to thrive.

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How we can help?

Working with you and your nutrition 1-2-1

You’re an individual. So that’s how we work with you – 1-2-1.

  • We analyse your goals and see how they align with your eating habits.
  • We look at what you eat, when you eat it, why you eat it and even who you eat it with. 
  • We use a food diary to examine any gaps or flaws in your diet. We make an assessment of your nutritional deficiencies and any antioxidant issues.
  • We analyse the foods your body needs and the foods you enjoy, bringing them together into your diet. 
  • We monitor your progress. How are you get on with your new eating habits? Are the changes enough to bring you close to your goals?
  • And finally, we recap and make sure that these habits are engrained within your shopping baskets and eating habits.
How long will we be working together?

There is no secret diet, magic wand or formula that will create immediate changes for you overnight. We’ll work with you over 4 weeks or 12 weeks by Zoom or phone call. If it helps, we’ll keep in touch between appointments.

It sounds great. How can you get started?

We recommend you start with a food diary. This will open your eyes to how much, when and what you eat. A food diary establishes what your body is dealing with. It helps to analyse links to any symptoms you are living with.  You can then make the choice – make the change and alleviate the symptom/ lifestyle or not. The power is in your hands/mouth/shopping basket! 

Top tip: Fill the diary in as you as you go rather than at the end of the day. This way you’ll keep track of what was happening at the time you hoovered that of wedge of cheese. Your diary removes the mindset trade-off. It shows what you’re really eating and drinking; how much, when, and a little about why.

Don’t worry! When it comes to you sharing your food diary, we are unshockable. We don’t judge. We respect that what you eat is personal and can be a sensitive matter.

Nutrition presentations for workshops and retreats

Are you holding a workshop or retreat? We’ll deliver a great presentation on the value of sound nutrition practices. 

What, when and how we eat is intrinsically linked to our physical and mental health. These are the key factor we’ll cover through the lens of your chosen topic. We’ll make sure our presentation is relevant to your audience. We’ll work with their general and specific concerns. 

We work through and discuss around, several nutritional options that will work to create the lifestyle or solve the issues they may be experiencing. Whether within a retreat or stand-alone presentation for your team, our presentations look to take your topic and educate your attendees in a way that will help them make specific changes. 

Previous event have seen us present about –
– Specific foods and eating habits that will support those with symptoms of anxiety and depression
– New year, new you; with healthy eating as an all round focus and how to make it happen.

We’ve worked with life coaches, osteopaths and natural fabric experts. Nutrition complements each of these professional areas and many others.

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