Happy National Lobster Day!! Let us know your favourite Lobster dishes below.

Let’s kick off with some Lobster fun facts.

  • A baby lobster is called a Cricket.
  • Half a lobster is called a Chicken.
  • Lobster bristles are called Hedgehog hair.
  • Lobsters do not have teeth in their mouths but in their stomach. They prefer their own company and will eat each other if they find themselves in close quarters.
  • And finally, they pee out of their heads! BOOM you can thank me when you get that million-dollar question!

I have to admit to being a bit of a Cricket when it comes to lobster having only tried it once at Pinch my Bun on the Wellingborough Road. (Check them out here > (https://www.pinchmybun.co.uk) I enjoyed it, and look forward to going back again, although I understand Dale is offering takeaway after Oct 4th for a while. Keep an eye out to support Dale, he is one of Northampton’s finest chefs, let’s look after our own.

Being the self-proclaimed novice, I prepared these cakes from a frozen cooked Lobster. I do not proffer an apology because I was still faced with the task of extracting the meat. Thank heavens for YouTube instructional videos, they guided me through, and I ended up with a bowl full of the shell to use for stock and a bowl of meat to use for the cakes. Winning! I prepared some mashed potato and wasn’t shy with the seasoning and butter. I then added a some finely chopped chilli, grated ginger, and lemon juice to the lobster and mixed thoroughly. As the lobster meat was limited, I portioned the lobster into equal portions to ensure all the orders were met with a little leftover for quality control purposes. I added enough mashed potato so as not to lose the lobster but still make a decent portion. I then moulded them into shape. I then got three bowls, first one with plain flour, another with some whisked egg, and another in breadcrumbs. Bish bash bosh!

I sat the now breaded cakes on a couple of slices of lemon ready for our Fill Your Fridge evening meal clients to finish off in ovens across Northampton. I served these with a Thai cucumber salad. on a bed of spinach and edamame beans. With the shells and the undoubted shocking amateur wastage, I lightly sautéed an onion, celery and garlic then added some dried thyme a couple of bay leaves and the shells. I then added enough water to cover the shells, I brought to a boil and simmered. On slow and low for about 2 hrs, the kitchen smelled incredible! I’ll freeze this and probably make a soup adding tomatoes and white wine (haven’t made my mind up about adding cream) for next weeks Fill You Fridge menu. (Check it out here > https://icookyouserve.co.uk/product/fill-your-fridge/)

There is no escaping that Lobster is expensive, but our clients absolutely loved them and we love that the shells are compostable too.
What’s your favourite Lobster dish? Let us know below!

Lobster cakes
Served alongside Thai dip with cucumber salad.

‘Here’s what our clients had to say about the Lobster cakes with a Thai dip and cucumber salad.
The lobster cakes with cucumber salad we’re absolutely delicious this week!! They tasted really indulgent but also very healthy with the accompanying salad (which had a perfectly tangy dressing). Beautifully presented and generous portions- 5 star!
Would definitely recommend and will be ordering again as soon as possible!! Thank you.’ Google Review

Warmest wishes

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