An aspect of our business that we love the most would be our logo. Not only because we think it’s a great logo but because it encapsulates the values and morals that as local Northampton business owners, we hold close.

I Cook You Serve Logo

You will be able to find our logo on all of our menus, across our social media and even in background images from our website.

 The logo is broken down into 3 parts,

  • An apple
  • A butterfly
  •  And A love heart

The apple represents the fresh ingredients that we work with. But further to this, the apple shows that we look to nature, for natural, honest, real ingredients and that we work with seasonal produce. The apple represents the environment, not only in the sense that we source from local harvests but that we also support our local community, through the over 70s monthly lunch club that we hold, the charity’s that we support and our active position within the business community.

The apple also captures health; this is a backbone to our business. As mentioned we shop local and use seasonal ingredients, however this is only the start. The business developed out of desire for something healthier. Healthier than a ping ready meal, although these are now much healthier, our homemade evening meals needed to be something that parents would happily serve their children and could trust the food. This is exactly what we’ve done, through shopping locally, using real ingredients, and always adding an extra veg portion. This has later developed into both my business partner (Liz) and I becoming nutritional therapists, this reinforced our knowledge of healthy food but also meant we always have healthy tips and tricks in our snack box.

From the apple comes a butterfly. This embodies ‘the freedom’.

Freedom – the condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc. whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited:


Our clients feel this freedom in a variety of ways. For our Fill Your Fridge evening meal clients, this freedom is felt when they aren’t shopping or meal prepping for that weeks’ worth of evening meals. Or for those parents who work late and need to put something on the dinner table but don’t want to compromise on getting a take away. For those that have after school clubs or those who are looking to safely maintain their independence. These people are our focus when we are planning, shopping, chopping, seasoning, tasting, preparing and delivering. It might sound like a long process, but you’re worth it.

We also look to give those who run workshops freedom, through the break we provide when serving a buffet. This takes the attention and pressure away from those holding events, breaking down any barriers in the room. Food is a great way the level a room.

We also look to provide freedom for those who have dietary requirements, in the case of each and every evening meal, presentation meal or buffet. We provide freedom from exclusion, we get to know our clients and find out what their attendees dietary requirements are. The aim of this; when you’re at our buffets, whatever your dietary requirements, there is always something you can enjoy. Freedom from worry at the risk of it potentially setting off your allergy or working against your food preferences. Just let us know, it’s as easy as that.

The butterfly is also our representation of the transformation we see in those who attend our Nutritional Therapy presentation and the empowerment we give them when considering their diet, eating habits and overall health.

Within the butterfly is the heart.

This heart holds the love we have for our business, for our clients and for the community we live and work within. The heart shows our love for the environment. Within our buffets we reuse our platters, rather than constantly using disposable ones. We use good quality paper plates and wooden cutlery, rather than plastic. It is extremely important to us that we support our environment and community.

The heart is also reflected in that we are a family business, a mother- daughter duo. The trust, integrity, understanding, appreciation and consideration that we have for each other and our business is a key factor in the strength our relationship, business and everything we do. Whilst we both have different strengths and approaches, we have the same goals and focuses. Some would say a dynamic duo, some would say a formidable force, you decide. But next time you see our logo, its great knowing, that you know, how much I Cook You Serve means to us.

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