This is a client that always has a smile to share and kind message. She always goes above and beyond for her family, her community and those around her. As well as running a household, working within the community, supporting her husband with his business, she also has two children. One in primary school and one in secondary school, both are very active taking part in multiple clubs and activities. Our client is also the leader of the local Scout group and is the Scout Groups Communications Manager and Fundraiser.
As well as being incredibly hard working and having excellent patience, she also has a very versatile skillset.

This client and her family enjoy a ‘’lazy tea on a Friday as a reward for getting through another busy week’’. They found a takeaway was creeping in more and more often. The trouble with a takeaway is that it could end up being very expensive, “we had to often wait for 1.5hr and you don’t always know what is in them. This turned into a concern as it wasn’t very healthy and often lead to eating late on a Friday. This reward was beginning to come with a growing price, later bedtimes, feeling less and less like a Friday evening reward.”

Our client, quite rightly, didn’t want to cook on a Friday and after being introduced to our business through her husband’s business they took a look at our Facebook. Initially ‘’ordering some meals for Mum and Dad as a Birthday treat for a week off cooking for my Mum, we decided to order also for us. The meals always sounded tempting on the weekly posts, a good selection and heathy.’’

Fill Your Fridge evening meals

From here, we signed our client up to our weekly newsletter. This ensured they received the weekly evening meal menu and the link to order. This then gave her the freedom to place an order when a selection of dishes caught her eye. Our online ordering form has a section where dietary requirements and allergens can be sent to us. This particular client is vegetarian, but her husband and children are all meat eaters. Our flexible ordering meant that she could order one vegetarian dish and 3 meat dishes. She didn’t need to do any extra shopping, chopping, or cooking but could enjoy a separate dish to her family.

When this client places an order with us, we immediately send her an email confirming her order had been placed. On the day of delivery, we send another email to confirm her evening meals are on their way that night.

Along with her Monday email, we also send over storage and heating instructions. For this client, it was extremely important that her dishes can be stored in the fridge until Friday or that she has the freedom the keep them in the freezer if needed. All of the meals that we deliver are already cooked and can be reheated in the microwave or oven, again giving the client as much freedom and flexibility as they need.

Using a new service is a process and it isn’t unusual for our clients to share their concerns with us. “Initially the price but when I sat and compared it to a weekly Takeaway, I could see it was better value and healthier and just as easy.”
It is for these reasons, we don’t have any contracts that are clients are tied to, meaning that clients can order once and see if it is for them and then ordering again when it works for them.
 We can provide gift cards and would naturally encourage you to give our Fill Your Fridge evening meals a try.

I Cook You Serve

 ‘’We still get a weekly lazy evening meal but healthier and at a more affordable and sustainable price. We like the personal touches like the handwritten notes and also the PASTRY STARS!!!!’’

A huge thank you to this client for allowing us to put this together. If the above resonates with you and your family or someone you know in a similar situation, please get in touch for more information about our evening meals service. Our meals support different families in different ways, but the most important factors are always that they’re eating well. You can email us on and find us on your favourite social media platform.

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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