Our Fill Your Fridge evening meals menu is a weekly menu.
Each week we put together a menu made up of a chicken, fish, beef or pork or lamb, vegetarian and vegan option. These often come with sides to make them a full meal. This offers our clients lots of variety, as our menu options change weekly. We know our menu isn’t very big, but it is concise and because it changes weekly you never get stuck in a food rut. Our menu options are put together to meet different dietary requirements. We charge £6.00 per meal.

We always include a spicy rice box option in our weekly menu which is also £6.00. This is a mixture of spicy vegetables and rice with roasted chickpeas. We’ve found that this is perfect for lunch or dinner and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Our menu also comes with a homemade soup for £7.00. This is a 2 pint portion, which roughly works out at 3-4 portions, again perfect for lunch or dinner. Our desserts are usually a seasonal fruit crumble but sometimes we change these if something catches our fancy. These are £3.00 per portion and are perfect if you have a sweet tooth.

Each menu is posted on our website, social media and newsletter (sign up here: https://share.hsforms.com/1Pia-nXcESyKWjdhfkMAVtg4gd4e) every Wednesday. We have our orders in by Friday through the website and deliver on a Monday evening with a smile. Our ordering process stays the same to keep ordering as simple and easy as possible for our clients.

Our meals are typically dishes that can take a long time to prepare but are all family favourites. When putting together our menus we are influenced seasonal ingredients, the weather and national days and national holidays. We loved putting together our Halloween menu names, the entire family got involved and we laughed, a lot! Poultrygeist, the night of the chicken dead was an absolute highlight for us. If there is favourite dish that you would like to be able to order, let us know and we’ll research the recipe and perhaps you’ll see it on a future menu.

All our meals are delivered at refrigerated temperature offering you the flexibility to pop into the fridge to enjoy or to freeze. Most of our menu options have been cooked but some may need finishing off, for example the meat in your lasagne would have been cooked, but you’ll need to finish it off in the oven to cook the pasta. We’ll always let you know if your meals need finishing or those that can’t be frozen.

What else is there to know? I think I’ve covered everything but if you have any further questions on how our Fill Your Fridge menu is put together, please get in touch with Shannon on 07504 558 994.

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