On the 4th of February it will be Homemade Soup Day!
I do wonder where on earth these national days come from!

The 4th is next Thursday, so how to celebrate with our evening meals clients? A gift is always a nice gesture and a portion of homemade soup is souper gift. This week we are offering a free souper Green soup portion with each Fill Your Fridge order, this will make sure they have their free soup on National Homemade Soup Day.

We deliberately chose super green soup so it really is a gift that your body will gratefully receive and reward you for.

All the best nutrients are generally found in green vegetables closely followed by red vegetables. Both of these are supported by all the other colours of vegetables which is why Shannon will always suggests that you Eat The Rainbow when it comes to shopping for and eating fruit and vegetables.

It’ll come as no surprise that our Winter green soup ingredients will contain the king of green vegetables kale. If vegetables did the Olympics, kale would be dripping in gold. Here’s the list –
Kale contains Vitamins A,C,K, and Folate. Minerals contained are Calcium and Potassium. The health benefits include Heart, Eye, blood clotting, cells, bones digestion, skin and hair. Kale contains chlorophyll, this coupled with it’s antioxidant qualities have strong links to cancer prevention – not a statement I say lightly.
Kale may feature on a list of foods to avoid if you’re on some medication for heart, kidney or blood thinners. So that’s the only cautionary advice for this powerful food.

I’ll start the soup off with onion and garlic (standard) along with sweet potato to thicken then add shredded curly kale cook in stock with a squirt of lemon juice and edamame beans cooked in chilli oil to garnish.

As I already said if Kale was competing in the Olympics it would win gold hands down however, what it won’t do is win a beauty contest! I’ll just refer you back to the health benefits it does off and suggest that if you eat enough of this, you just might!

To take a look at this week Fill Your Fridge evening meals menu and receive your FREE soup, take a look here

Warmest wishes

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