This client is in his mid-50s, he is very active within his community and can be found on a selection of committee boards. He lives with his partner and his mother as well as running his own business.

With all the events and meetings this client goes too, he says that time is his biggest issue when it comes to making and preparing dinners, ‘’The concern was the time it took to cook fresh every day whilst doing everything else I have to do’’ Before using our service he’d ‘’ get a takeaway a couple of nights a week and frequently get ready meals from the supermarket’’.

We knew this client from the networking groups we attend within Northampton, he had previously enjoyed our buffets and ‘’ had the confidence to buy’’ because of this. When he first placed an order with us, he completed it through the website, we have a section within the website where our clients can share any allergies or dietary requirements that they or someone in their household may have. We became aware from this that someone in the household could not eat peppers or animal fat which isn’t an issue for us, we can work around this to ensure everyone can enjoy our meals – Once this client had placed an order, we immediately sent him a confirmation email to confirm we had received it. Then on Monday, we send a reminder email to re-confirm that his delivery will take place that evening. Within this email we also send storage and heating instructions to help our client to know exactly what they need to do when their meals arrive.

From here we signed this client up to our weekly newsletter, to ensure that he receives our weekly evening meal menu straight to his inbox along with a link to order making the process as simple of possible.

The client explains that there were a number of reasons as to why he wanted to order from us,
‘’The food! And, of course, the excellent personal service. More free time, less stress, less hassle, and more interesting meals.’’
There are so many benefits from using I cook, you serve, and we love hearing about how we have made your life slightly easier.

One of the biggest issues our clients find with dinners each week is struggling to come up with new recipes that are quick and easy, by ordering with us, which doesn’t have to be every week, there are no fixed contracts, we can remove the hassle of this. Our client also explains that reducing the time taken to shop and prepare meals (and washing up) has enabled him to have so much more free time in the evenings. Another massive plus is that it has “eliminated the need for shop ready meals which are not overly nutritious.

Thank you to this client for taking the time and for allowing us to put this together. If the above resonates with you and your family or someone you know in a similar situation, please get in touch for more information about our evening meals service. Our meals support different families in different ways, but the most important factors is always that they’re eating well. You can email us on and find us on your favourite social media platform. I have shared some link below or you can simply search I Cook You Serve.

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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