Here at I Cook You Serve we love to answer your questions about our meals, our services, our business, our story. In fact, you ask – and we’ll do our best to answer.

In today’s blog we’re focusing on a question that we’re often asked:

Mediterranean Salad

How much does a Fill Your Fridge meal cost – and why?

Our main meals are a steal at just £8.00 per meal. (Other options are available here.) With a minimum order charge of £20.00, you can enjoy 4 homemade nutritious meals a week, without dirtying a single kitchen utensil.

But why £8.00?


We only use fresh ingredients. We will always try to use seasonal ingredients as this is when they are at their best. Big bright strawberries and beautiful cherry tomatoes are a delight to see in the summer, then delicious parsnips and tasty aubergines are welcomed like an old friend in the winter.

Seasonal ingredients are also the most cost-effective – meaning we can offer you the best value. We love Northampton Market Square for our vegetables, and we adore wonky fruit and veg! Usually these are either too big (if there is such a thing!) or a slightly strange shape, but either way taste just the same as ingredients that fit the usual supermarket criteria. For us, a potato in the shape of a love heart is guaranteed to bring a smile to our faces.


Salmon fishcakes and Tenderstem broccoli

Liz is a real eco-warrior and it’s important to us that our evening meal containers can be recycled. We also re-use the containers we deliver your soup in, ensuring we sterilise them between client use. Our spicy rice box boxes are compostable, meaning you can pop them in your food recycling or on your compost heap. We feel proud to be doing our bit for our environment.


Hidden costs and small print aren’t really how we like to work. Therefore we include delivery costs in with your evening meals in postcodes between NN1 and NN5. We find this makes everything a whole lot simpler for everyone involved.

Business Costs

From insurance to utilities, kitchen equipment to invoicing, marketing costs to food safety qualifications – the list is endless but essential. A catering business is so much more than just the cost of the ingredients.

Our Time

We absolutely love what we do. And when you feel like we do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Cooking for households across Northampton is a real pleasure and we are so fortunate to really enjoy providing you with tasty meals.

For our business to be sustainable, we portion the cost of our time and experience into each of the evening meals we prepare. Whilst we remain competitive, your custom sustains our family and contributes towards the livelihood of the professionals we outsource to. The background work that goes into I Cook You Serve extends far beyond Liz and Shannon. For example, our incredibly talented web and graphic designer, cleaner, copywriter, sticker supplier and accountant – all of which are local Northampton based businesses – are crucial to the running of I Cook You Serve. Your custom extends to real people who live in our communities and are invested in our success, rather than invisible shareholders.

Pecan Pie about to go into the oven

Our Meals Really are Homemade

Our Fill Your Fridge evening meals are prepared from our home, in our kitchen. (Meeting all the criteria and standards.) When we aren’t using the kitchen for business, it is just our normal household kitchen! By preparing our meals in our domestic kitchen, we are able to keep the cost of our meals down because we don’t have to cover the costs of a commercial kitchen.

Whilst this may seem a lot to fit into just one evening meal, it really works for us and our clients.

For more information of our Fill Your Fridge evening meals, sign up to our newsletter. If you have any questions about our Fill Your Fridge evening meal prices, send us an email to We’d love to hear from you!

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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