Fill Your Fridge evening meals

Meet one of our clients, she is 83yrs old and use to be a Nurse/Midwife/Practise Sister. From caring for people to caring for her garden, she loves bird watching and feeding the fish she has in her garden. This particular client also likes to keep her brain active through reading and puzzles. She is very family based too, we love hearing how she is doing but also how her children and grand-children are getting on and all the different places and adventures they’re on across the globe.

During the pandemic, our client had no luck obtaining a delivery slots, in spite of being a regular customer for over 10 years. This meant she was very restricted in what shopping neighbours could get for her.

Fortunately our clients daughter knew about I Cook You Serve through her business and put our client in touch with us. From here, we signed her up to our weekly newsletter, to ensure that she would be able to see each weeks menu. We found out she had no dietary requirements or food allergens, but found that she had a love of food. We continue to enjoy talking about all the different foods and experiences she has had on her own travels.

Once our client had placed her order, we sent her a confirmation email and then a reminder email on Monday the day of delivery to confirm delivery for later that day. This email also contains storage and heating instructions as well as our distancing delivery procedures. Reassuring and safely delivering our evening meals was at the forefront of our minds during the COVID lockdowns and continues to be. We then send her a text message when she is our next delivery. For our clients, Liz and I, it is important to know who is on the other side of the door when people are knocking during the evening, especially in the darker and colder months. The safety and security of our clients is extremely important to us, but we also make sure they feel reassured by regularly using the same person to deliver our evening meals.

‘‘This meant that I could have a main meal delivered to my door, to cover most of the week. I have continued ordering from I Cook You Serve because it’s rather nice to try different dishes which I would never go to the trouble of cooking for one. I look forward every Wednesday to see what delights are due, and I appreciate how they accommodate the things I dislike.
Liz and Shannon are professional and provide a very worthwhile friendly service. Long may it continue to serve the community!’’

If you think that our Fill Your Fridge evening meals service could help you or a loved one please call Shannon on 07504 558994.

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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