Only if you want to.

We understand that each household and week is different. On busy weeks you will want support with your evening meals and some you won’t. No stress.
When you sign up to our newsletter, we’ll send you the menu every Wednesday for you to see if anything tickles your taste buds. If it doesn’t, not to worry, our menus change each week to offer variety and you can always request a meal for us to research to perhaps put on future menus.
Most of our clients order each week but we also have a handful that order every other week or once a month and so on. We welcome your orders like old friends while taking note of dietary requirements and preferences.

We would encourage you to have a trial week of our evening meals, to see what you and your household think and to get a real idea of how our Fill Your Fridge evening meals can support you best. Our menu changes weekly but our meals support you in the same way.

Our Fill Your Fridge evening meals menu is available every Wednesday on our website, social media and newsletter. We ask for orders to be in by Friday through the website and finally your free delivery will be made on a Monday evening with a smile to households between NN1 and NN5.

Each menu is made up of a Chicken, Fish, Beef or Pork or Lamb, vegetarian and vegan option. Most of these meals are already cooked, but some may need finishing off in the oven. This means that all you need to do is gently reheat and enjoy!

We are also working on the I Cook You Serve Family. This isn’t ready to launch yet but here is a little taster of what we’d like to offer. It is a subscription where you sign up to our evening meals for 48 weeks of the year. When this service is ready, our clients will pay monthly for their of evening meals. The ordering and deliveries will still be weekly. Members of the I Cook You Serve family will be enjoy family rates and also receive 15% discounts on a variety of our other services, including our buffets, celebration meals and nutritional therapy services. Lots more information to come on this.

If you have any other questions about how often you need to order from our Fill Your Fridge service or for more information, please call Shannon on 07504 558 994.

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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