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A beautiful buffet – for home or work

What does a buffet mean to you?

Is it a delicious, varied meal of nibbles to satisfy guests at a family ‘do’ –
a birthday surprise or an Afternoon Tea?
Or is it catering for guests at your place of work?
Buffets mean different things to different people.
But – everyone wants a buffet that tastes delicious!
And that, of course, is exactly what we provide!

Our buffet menu allows you to make the food choices that are just right for your event.

The small differences..
Why do customers love the I Cook You Serve buffets?

What’s the first part of enjoying a meal? That’s right. It’s how it looks. People eat with their eyes. Well, your I Cook You Serve buffet will be colourful. It will be immaculately presented – a joy to behold! Each platter will be garnished to ensure that fresh and colourful food is a part of your event.

People like to know what they’re eating. All of our buffets are clearly labelled. Your guests will have all the information they need about what they’re eating. Our labels are clear, concise and informative.

Buffets delivered across Northampton.


Evening meal ingredients

Menu options

Our buffet menus make it as easy as possible for you to choose what’s best for your event your guests, dietary requirements and for your budget. 

We have plenty of experience with buffets, so we’ll happily put together a menu for you, or suggest what’s worked well before. But, of course, you will decide on your final choice.

Whether your buffet is for a family birthday or workplace event, your I Cook You Serve buffet will be delicious and beautifully presented, helping to make your event one to remember.


Our buffet menu starts from £12.00 per head. Your price per head can be made up of a variety of the menu options. 

We provide good quality paper plates, serviettes and if appropriate wooden cutlery free of charge.

Delivery charge from £5.00 depending on location.

All this contributes towards a stress-free event.

Your feedback

We love to hear your feedback.

"I look forward to many more tasty buffets!"

“I Cook You Serve cater at a large number of the Networking events that I attend locally with my business. There is always a wide variety of delicious, well presented foods and all dietary needs are well catered for. Shannon and Liz are both very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to many more tasty buffets!”

Chris Champion

"Book them for your next event!"

“I’ve attended many events where I Cook You Serve were the caterers and they always deliver to the highest standard.

A great range of carefully balanced, delicious food to suit all tastes and dietary requirements, including their famously moreish homemade sausage rolls 🙂

Book them for your next event!”

Mark Coster

"It's always delicious"

“Have been to many networking events where I Cook You Serve have been the caterers and it’s always delicious. Thank you Liz and Shannon.”

Moira Goodger

"Highly recommended"

“I have, over the last few years, had the pleasure of a number of buffets from ‘I Cook, you Serve’ and every one has been delicious and – most relevantly- highly nutritious. Highly recommended.”

James Tarry

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We also work alongside several venues throughout Northampton and can recommend venues for a variety of different occasions, sizes and budgets.

Evening meal ingredients

What are your buffet options?

Lay and leave

We will deliver your prepared buffet platters, plates and serviettes to your venue. We will lay out and label your buffet at your venue and arrange convenient time to collect the platters.

This is our most popular buffet option.

Attended service 

We will deliver your prepared buffet platters, plates and serviettes. We will lay our and label your buffet. We will greet your guests, serve drinks, refresh the platters and discreetly clean away. We will take care of the details to allow you time to spend time with your guests

Evening meal ingredients

Dietary requirements

We love dietary requirements; it makes such a difference when everyone at the office party or family get together can have something to enjoy. Everything on our menu is freshly prepared. This means that when we are catering for your dietary requirements, this food will be prepared first, with separate utensils and stored separately. This ensures that there is no contamination between vegetarian and meat options, between products containing wheat and those that are wheat free. Looking after those that have dietary requirements is something that is both close to our hearts as well as something that we take very seriously.

I Cook You Serve menu recommendations

Every buffet is different but we would recommend the following options for every buffet.

Wraps rather than sandwiches. Yes, we do provide fresh sandwiches. But we find that our clients prefer wraps. Not only do they stay fresher for longer, making them perfect if food is going to be left out for a short while, but we usually sneak some extra salad into them.

Crudities and dip, as mentioned above our clients love colourful food. Crudities are a really simple and easy way to add colour and vegetables to you buffet. Our crudité options are red pepper, cucumber, and carrot, with these option usually there is something that everyone can enjoy. With this menu option we also supply dip options of hummus and salsa.
Roasted chickpeas, not only are they an extra veg portion they are a bit more interesting that everyday savoury snacks. Not only are they made with gluten free ingredients, they can be customised to your flavour of choice, we enjoy Cajun.

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