Our client is retired and lives alone. She recently moved to Northampton to spend more time with her daughter after her husband passed away unexpectedly.

Our client finds cooking for one a ‘’soulless experience’’.  ‘’ I was 100% bored with the ready meals …very nearly had to consider cooking myself !!!!’’

She found out about I Cook You Serve on Facebook and after reading our reviews she decided to give it a go. ‘’It seemed to be the perfect answer’’.

After the client placed an order through our website, we sent her an email immediately to confirm that she had placed her order and signed her up to our weekly newsletter. This meant that if she wanted to place another order in the future, the menu and ordering link would be sent straight to her inbox. She wouldn’t need to search for our menus, although they can be found on our social media and website.

On Monday, we sent her another email to confirm that her meals were going to be delivered that evening also within this email, we send storage and heating instructions. This helps our clients to know that their meals are already cooked and can be stored in the fridge or freezer and simply need reheating in the oven or microwave.

We always send a text message to let the client know that she is our next delivery, so they expect that knock on the door.

Not everyone enjoys cooking, we know that, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy what they’re eating.
To hear that this client felt that cooking was a soulless experience and to hear that we have ‘’Totally taken the stress out of evening meals …. from choosing …to delivery (perfect )…. to eating …All the meals I have had have been tasty …nutritious and quick to either re-heat or microwave…Brilliant!!’’.

It is a pleasure to hear that our weekly menu ensures our customers are getting the variety they need and want, ‘’ The variety of the meals is what I most enjoy…’’.

Taking the stress out of the kitchen and putting the pleasure of food back on the table which is the main reason we started our business. Your pleasure brings us pleasure.

Thank you to this client for allowing us to put this together. If the above resonates with you and your family or someone you know in a similar situation, please get in touch for more information. Our meals support different families in different ways, but the most important factors are always that they’re eating well. You can email us on hello@icookyouserve.co.uk.

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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