Here at I Cook You Serve we’ve discovered there’s a common misconception that you must be a chef to run a successful evening meals business.

Well – we want to smash that idea!

Do you know the difference between a Cook and a Chef?

Chicken and chorizo on a bed of roasted vegetables.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a cook is ‘someone who prepares and cooks food’, whilst a chef is a ‘trained cook who works in a hotel or restaurant’.

A chef is educated from foundation stage to a degree level if they so choose. They have been taught by professionals and lecturers, after which experience differentiates what level of chef you are.

In essence, if you’ve received training, you’re a chef. If you haven’t received training, you’re a cook.

So just what is Liz’s background?

Liz started work in care homes whilst still at school and always planned to go into nursing. However, life has a funny way of taking a detour when you least expect it – and she went into hospitality instead.

Working in pubs and restaurants nationwide, Liz decided that this is where she wanted to be. Hospitality is very broad, and she worked and gained experience in all areas. But her true calling came in the kitchen – working alongside the different levels of the kitchen brigade and chefs of all manner of style and specialism. Constantly practising, picking up skills and observing techniques.

Has Liz been educated as a Chef?

Liz Chef Blacks
Liz in Chef Blacks

No, she hasn’t – she’s a cook, and a pretty fabulous one at that! However here at I Cook You Serve we have various qualifications which help us to work to high standards. Liz has a Food Safety Level 3 qualification and has credentials in managing food allergens. Both Shannon and Liz are qualified in Nutritional Therapy, whilst Shannon also brings her certificates relating to veganism to the table.

Liz is not selling herself short by calling herself a cook by any means. She wears chef whites with a baseball cap and apron and her title of cook proudly. She runs the kitchen with military precision whilst singing along loudly (and poorly!) to the radio.

So how does Liz work?

Here at I Cook You Serve, Liz has responsibility for planning the menus, sourcing the ingredients and preparing and cooking the meals.

Food safety is the highest of her priorities, after which follow taste and variety. She loves researching different eating habits and new ingredients, along with going back in time to get the original recipe before either following it faithfully or adapting it.

Seafood mix and roasted vegetables.

Together, both Shannon and Liz then label and bag up the meals and sides, checking and crossing checking. This is taken incredibly seriously so there’s no singing during this part of the process! Your delicious meals are then stored in the fridge until ready to deliver.

Shannon then delivers it to your doorstep – with a smile. 😊

I Cook You Serve is built on the knowledge and experience of cooks. We care deeply about the food we prepare whether for an evening meal or a buffet. Your meals are handled to the same standard as if you are part of our family.

And if you didn’t know- we’ve recently launched a subscription service to help our clients with money management as well as making it even easier to order. If you would like to subscribe, please follow the link below!

Liz in Chef Blacks

Warmest wishes
Shannon and Liz

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