Thank Yous

We would like to thank you 1000 times for your support. For all the likes, comments and shares on our Facebook page, we are very grateful. By way of a thank you, we are putting together a collection of 1000 recipes.

In August I Cook You Serve not only enjoyed its 9th birthday, but we also reached 1000 likes on our Facebook page. We need little reason to celebrate, and this was a pretty huge milestone. We thought we’d use it as a springboard for something a little bit exciting to launch for our 10th birthday 2021.  The clock is ticking!

These recipes can be for breakfast, brunch, snacks, lunch, tea time, dinner, and a midnight snack. As long as you consider it to be one of your favourite recipes we would love to hear from you.

Evening meal ingredients

We would like to share, celebrate and come together through these recipes, and to do that we need the story too.


Where do your recipes come from?


Grandma’s kitchen, a foreign land or your student kitchen?


What are your memories attached to them?

Great food leaves us with great memories, what are yours?

Please include any recipe bloopers perhaps where an ingredient swap went wrong or the wrong measurement was used. Some of the best recipes came to be as a result of an accident, except for when the sugar and salt get mistaken that rarely ends well!

Send your recipe

  • Just an approximate age would be great eg 45-50
  • Accepted file types: pdf, word, jpg, png, Max. file size: 512 MB.
  • (For us to credit the chef for copyright purposes)

Recipe of the Week

We currently publish a Recipe of the Week from our weekly Fill Your Fridge menu. Sometimes it’s a particular ingredient or herbs that excites us or the way the dish looks. Or it’s the recipes’ history or place of origin that makes them our favourite. Whatever the reason, the recipes are purely to be used as a guide for you to adapt, experiment with, have fun and make your own. We appreciate and thank you all for your great feedback on this.

Evening meal ingredients
Evening meal ingredients

Celebration Meals

During the first COVID19 lockdown, we saw a big uptake on our Celebration Meals. In the absence of booking a table at their favourite restaurants, our clients booked us and set their own table. It was a joy to share in the good stuff that was still happening in Northampton despite lockdown. Anniversary’s, birthdays, date nights, all sorts were still being celebrated and it was important to us that their day felt special.

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