We Cook, We Deliver, You Enjoy

just the way you want it

Home cooked food

You simply can’t beat the taste of home-cooked. Isn’t it great knowing that your meals are in the hands of an experienced cook whose sole aim is to deliver exquisite food?

Convenient food

We’ll do the shopping, chopping, sautéing, whizzing, mixing, cooking and portioning so you don’t have to. All you have to do is enjoy!

Made just the way you want it

We know spice is nice but isn’t for everyone. Tickle your taste buds. Enjoy exploring our full range of delicious meals – nutritious and full of flavour.

Homemade Catering in Northampton

Freshly cooked wholesome meal deliveries – for home & business. Free up your life for what really matters!

Do you ever find you’re just too busy to cook?
Or maybe cooking isn’t your thing?
Perhaps you can’t easily get out to do the food shopping

Yet you still love home-cooked food.

Try the I Cook You Serve meal delivery service called Fill Your Fridge.
Great for individuals
Ideal for families.
The perfect way to end the day …
… and imagine what you could do with all that extra time!

Better still, consider out Meal Subscription Service which ensures you eat well everyday.

Our catering service is perfect for businesses too –
We deliver delicious buffet meals to your workplace. 

We prepare your food with fresh and (where possible) locally sourced ingredients. You’ll find every home-delivered meal is absolutely delicious.  

I Cook You Serve

I Cook – I Deliver – You Enjoy

Download your FREE guide on

How to make TEN portions of fruit and veg part of your day to day eating habits

Evening meal ingredients

Meals Delivery Service

Never a dull moment. Our Fill Your Fridge menu changes weekly. All you have to do is choose from our massive variety of authentic homecooked meals. Then just set the table!

Step 1 - What’s cooking?

Every Wednesday we’ll post our #FillYourFridge menu on our website, on social media and email it directly to you.

Step 2 – Make your choice

Choose what tickles your taste buds. Our #FillYourFridge menu changes every week, giving you the opportunity to try something new.

Step 3 - Place your order

Set up an account (this will take about 30 seconds) and order.

Step 4 – Smile, you’re winning at life

We will deliver your homemade meals to your doorstep on Monday – complete with a smile! Your meals will be ready to pop in the fridge and gently reheat when you’re ready.

Evening meal ingredients

Want to sign up for the
Fill Your Fridge Subscription Service?

You simply pay monthly for your order from the #FillYourFridge menu and become part of the family.

Reserve your seat around the dinner table, to enjoy many of the home comforts of being a member of the I Cook You Serve Family.

You will save time and money on meal planning and food shopping. Let us lighten the load of your shopping bags and deliver the comforts of homemade family meals to your doorstep. 

Save time, save money, no catches, only large print.

You can order a mixture of the menu choices, if that suits your household.


When you have enjoyed your homemade meals for a year; you are granted an I Cook You Serve loyalty status. With this you can enjoy a whopping 15% off our other services for as long as you remain a member.

Evening meal ingredients

Why choose I Cook You Serve?

We love our work – and that’s because we’re, in every sense, a ‘people business’.
We just love working with clients – whether we’re preparing food to deliver to your door, or a buffet for your family party or workplace event. In short, we care. We care about our food and about our clients – every day, week and month of the year.

We love working with our suppliers too – and we only deal with the best – because they know best. Take our butcher, for example, whose expertise and advice is invaluable. As with all our suppliers, he’s an expert in his field, offering us sound, professional guidance along with a service that’s second-to-none.

Everything we do is focused on preparing great food, with great service and great prices.

I Cook You Serve and COVID-19

Life is changing. Twelve months ago, who would have imagined we’d be where we are now with this devastating pandemic. From face masks to Zoom meeting, for many, life has become more stressful and sometimes unrecognisable. Balancing work and home life can be challenging. This extends into eating and cooking habits.

At I Cook You Serve, we’re a family business. We understand the crucial role that food plays at the centre of family life. That’s why we do all we can to adapt our service to the lives you wish to lead.

Fill Your Fridge for the week!

Order your meals for the week from the Fill Your Fridge Menu.. meal prep done!

Pop them in your fridge – or freeze them if you prefer.
Then breathe and relax.
We Cook, We Deliver, You Enjoy!  

Nutritional Therapy

How do you feel about food? Do you have a healthy relationship with what you eat? Talk to us about your lifestyle and your eating patterns. We’ll help you towards a happy, healthy eating habits.

Buffet Meals

Are you planning a family ‘do’? Maybe you’re welcoming some clients to your place of work? We’ll cook and deliver a great buffet – exquisite food, immaculately presented.

Join the family! The I Cook You Serve Meal Subscription Service.

Enjoy all the privileges of Northampton Meal Subscription Service and become part of the I Cook You Serve Family. From the moment you subscribe, you’ll enjoy family rates on your first #FillYourFridge evening meal delivery – plus masses more favourable rates on other services.

Isn’t it time to get your life back and start enjoying great homemade food?

Here’s our mission…

 To deliver to our customers fantastic, tasty, healthy food –
giving our customers the time to lead the life they want to live.

Find out more about the I Cook You Serve food experience.

Call – 07504 558 994
Email – hello@icookyouserve.co.uk

We’d love to hear from you.

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